Greetings Activity for Kindergarten


This Greetings Activities for Kindergarten is specially crafted to immerse young learners in the art of greetings and farewells. This engaging resource is designed for PP1 students (Ages 4-5 years) and aligns seamlessly with the CBC curriculum objectives.

By the end of this sub-strand, your little ones will:
a) Respond with finesse to general greetings, both at home and school.
b) Master time-related greetings, ensuring they’re never caught off guard.
c) Bid farewell with grace and courtesy, whether at home or in the school setting.
d) Navigate farewells seamlessly, considering the element of time with ease.
e) Cultivate a genuine enjoyment for responding appropriately to greetings and farewells, fostering a positive and sociable attitude.

The greetings activities for kindergarten printable bundle include:

  • 16 pages of activities
  • Matching activities
  • handwriting practice
  • Coloring pages

Your young learners will not just meet the curriculum goals but will also revel in the joy of social interaction. Make saying Hello and Goodbye enjoyable.

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