Phonic Activities for Preschoolers


This comprehensive phonic activity book provides preschoolers with a structured and playful approach to mastering initial sounds. Through captivating illustrations and interactive exercises, children embark on a journey of phonemic awareness development, laying the foundation for successful reading acquisition.

Key Features:

  • Each page presents a vibrant picture paired with a set of letter choices. The child’s task is to identify the letter that corresponds to the initial sound of the picture, reinforcing sound-symbol association.
  • The tactile experience of circling the chosen letter with the provided chunky crayons enhances engagement and solidifies memory.
    Every circled letter is accompanied by a corresponding image of its object, building a concrete connection between sound and symbol.
  • A sticker reward chart celebrates each accomplishment, fostering a sense of progress and motivation.


  • Develops phonemic awareness: The crucial first step in learning to read.
  • Improves letter recognition: Enhances visual discrimination skills.
  • Strengthens sound-symbol association: Lays the groundwork for decoding skills.
  • Boosts confidence in literacy: Encourages independent learning and motivates further exploration.

Ideal for:

  • Preschoolers and early kindergarteners
  • Individual or group instruction
  • Homeschooling environments

PS: Available as a book on request. The book comes with over 250 images.

This comprehensive phonic activity book is a valuable tool for any parent or educator seeking to foster a love of learning and build a strong foundation for literacy development.

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