Tricky Words Search Puzzle


This free tricky words search puzzle is a fun and educational way for kids to learn common tricky words. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out using phonics, so they can be difficult for kids to read and write. This puzzle includes various tricky words for kindergarten, year 1, and grade 1 students.

Why is this tricky words search puzzle great for your kids?

  • It’s fun! Kids love word search puzzles, and this one is specially designed to be engaging and enjoyable.
  • It’s educational. This puzzle helps kids learn and practice tricky words.
  • It’s easy to use. This puzzle can be printed out and used at home, or it can be used on a computer or tablet.
  • It’s free! This puzzle is a great way to get your kids learning without spending any money.

Here are some tips for using this puzzle with your kids:

  • Start by talking about tricky words. Explain to your kids what tricky words are and why they can be difficult to read and write.
  • Help your kids find the words on the puzzle. If they’re having trouble finding a word, point it out to them or help them sound it out.
  • Encourage your kids to say the words aloud as they find them. This will help them practice reading and writing the words.
  • Make the puzzle more challenging by timing your kids or having them find the words in a certain order.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Learning should be enjoyable, so make sure your kids are having fun with the puzzle.

Here are some additional benefits of using this puzzle with your kids:

  • It helps improve their vocabulary. When kids learn and practice tricky words, they are expanding their vocabulary. This can help them communicate more effectively and understand what they are reading and hearing.
  • It helps improve their reading comprehension. When kids can recognize tricky words on sight, they can focus on understanding the meaning of the text they are reading. This can lead to improved reading comprehension skills.
  • It helps improve their spelling. As kids learn and practice tricky words, they also learn how to spell them. This can lead to improved spelling skills overall.

I hope your kids enjoy this tricky words word search puzzle!

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