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I just love kids and helping them become the best version of themselves, not just now but for the future.

After becoming a mom, like most people, I didn’t know what to do with my daughter. I had no idea how I should talk to her or spend time with her. I thought taking care of her was more or less all I needed to do.

I didn’t know any better because my parents were too busy running around trying to give us (my siblings and me) a better life than they had. I also didn’t know how to treat kids with respect and how to take care of their needs. I was 23 and naive, to say the least

But I decided to be a different parent. I want my kids to have the best, no doubt, but most of the time, the best is simply being there for them, hearing, and seeing them. 

So I make it my mission to spend as much as I can with my girls, playing games, going on hikes, and dancing. 

I get involved in their world, and it has taught me so much. 


Why this blog?

I was just another clueless naive mom, and but I found my footing.

I share my knowledge not because I’m perfect, but because I would like to help a mom who was where I was many year ago. 

If they can learn through my mistake (I still make em), then I’m happy to help.

We Stay Active

Notice how kids are always on the move? Let's move with them, and learn from their world.

We Respect Others

Even kids have an opinion and thought process. Imagine how things would change if we listend to them more often?

We Learn

Kids are curious. Our activities help pique their brains so they keep learning and mastering skills.

We Have Fun

A smile looks so much better on everyone. We keep if fun as we experiment and learn. The joy of learning is our goal.

Your home is a joyful place

Our activities only make it better.

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