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You want to support your child’s education, but understanding what’s happening at school can sometimes feel like learning a whole new concept! 

We get it.

You are not a teacher, but you want to be involved in your child’s education and help them thrive.  Whether it’s homework or trouble areas, we simplify CBC concepts and ensure you know what you are doing and have all the resources necessary to make it possible. 

Learning Starts at Home

But education isn’t just about textbooks! We also offer fun ideas for indoor & outdoor activities, like games, puzzles, and places to visit, so you have tons of ways to spend time with and connect with your child. We will help you create lasting memories with your child.

Parents trust us

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Is your child spending too much time in front of screens? While technology plays an important role in today’s world, excessive screen time can have negative impacts on children’s development. That’s where our engaging educational activities for kids come in.

We have simple toddler learning activities and educational activities for preschoolers that are simple, fun, and affordable. Our downloadable printables for toddlers are packed with age-appropriate activities that will stimulate their minds and foster a love of learning. 

And, we promise you, they will enjoy every bit of it and learn while at it.

Find Activities

Indoor Activities

Who said being indoors has to be boring? Discover creative indoor activities for all ages – from classic games and brain-teasing puzzles to arts & crafts and imaginative play. We'll help you create lasting connections and ignite curiosity, rain or shine!

Outdoor Activities

Turn playtime into an adventure your child will remember. Explore our collection of fun outdoor activities for all ages. From hiking & swimming to games & getaways, we'll help you create lasting memories and spark a love of learning in nature.

Child Development

Wondering what to expect on your child's amazing journey? We have all the info you need! Explore age-specific milestones, find expert tips, and discover the best way to support your child grow into a healthy, happy, all-round person.

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