letter a sheets for kindergarten

Letter A Sheets for Kindergarten

Are you looking for letter A worksheets for kindergarten? Scroll below to find all the printables we have prepared to help your child learn letter A.

Letter A is one of the first letters kids learn. When combined with s, t, p, i, and n, they can form many combinations of words for your kid to learn. For example, they can learn words like pin, pan, sat, sap, and pat.

Psss! Learn how to teach the alphabet to your child if you are a beginner.

Letter A Coloring Sheets

letter a bubble upper case

Bubble Letter Aa

When using letter A worksheets, the best option is first to introduce the letter through coloring. Kids love coloring, which makes this a great way to introduce the letter A. In bubble form, kids can experiment with coloring the letter in lower and upper case using their favorite color. 

Remember to start by teaching them the sound before the name so they know it’s called an A, but it makes the sound /a/. This will come in handy when they learn how to read and spell words.

letter a coloring sheet

‘A is for’ Coloring Worksheet

One engaging way to help children learn the letter A is through the “a is for” worksheets. In this activity, children will color images of items that start with the letter A, such as an acorn and an ant. This hands-on approach makes learning fun and interactive, reinforcing the letter’s sound and shape in a memorable way.

By associating the letter A with familiar objects, children can better understand and remember its sound. Coloring these images allows them to connect the sound /a/, which helps build their vocabulary and phonemic awareness.

Click to download Letter A Sheets for Kindergarten. It contains 16 worksheets to help your child learn the letter A.

Letter A Recognition Worksheets

Kids should recognize the letter when they first see it, which is why starting them off with watching nursery rhyme passively on a screen is not always the best idea. While they can sing the alphabet song, they likely won’t recognize the alphabet in a different context. 

Nursery rhymes should be combined with letter A sheets so kids can easily recognize the alphabet. In this case, letter A.

Leter a tracing worksheet

Letter A Tracing Worksheet

The first worksheet encourages kids to trace the letter A in lower case and them in upper case. First, separately, then a combination of both. Besides helping with letter recognition, tracing helps with letter formation and stroke order.

letter line tracing worksheet

Line Tracing

Once kids can write letter A, they likely have a strong idea of what the letter looks like. To take this a step further, kids must trace lines from the sound A to the letter A or vice versa. This helps them know the letter’s different forms and shapes and is a great way to exercise their motor skills.

letter a sorting worksheet

Look for Letter A

The last set of letter A printables encourages your child to look for the letter A in lower case and then upper case among different letters. Lastly, they should look for both upper and lowercase A. This reinforced their recognition and is an excellent brainteaser for kids.

Letter A Games and Activities

Letter A art activity

Letter A Art

Letter A art lets your child get creative. They should use readily available materials like peppers, leaves, and sand to create an art piece featuring the letter A. This activity encourages sensory exploration and creative play by touching and manipulating different textures.

Letter A mold

Make a Letter A Mold

Using readily available materials, let your child form the letter a. For instance, you can pour a little rice or flour on a flat surface or a ziplock bag and let your child use their fingers to write the letter a. The different textures are a great way for your child to explore their senses, all while learning letter formation. 

For this activity, you can also use other materials, such as cotton buds, popsicle sticks, and even cooking sticks. Finally, dip old newspapers or waste papers in water, mash them together, and have your child make a mold of upper and lower case A. 

You can take it further and have them paint the letter once it dries. Playdough also works fine for this activity.

Click to download Letter A Sheets for Kindergarten. It contains 16 worksheets to help your child learn the letter A.

Read A book Featuring Letter A

There are many letter A books for preschoolers available on the market. We will name a few of our favorites to give you a head start. These letter A books are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners and do more than introduce the letter A to kids.

A is for Ant tells a story about how ants work, what they eat, and how they live in their little kingdom. The book focuses on A words, which is great when your child is learning about this letter. Kids will learn about ants (all words begin with the letter a) and see colorful illustrations to grab and keep their attention.

Amazing Airplanes by Tony Mitton is about traveling in an airplane. It features friendly animal characters and engaging rhymes and teaches everything about traveling by air that would keep kids interested. Kids learn about the cockpit and landing gear, making this book perfect for budding pilots. This book is part of a transportation series.

This is one of those books your kids will love to listen to over and over again. The book has a familiar song you probably already know, featuring new lyrics and games that make it fun for the whole family as little Timmy tries to eat in the bathtub.

This board book answers what happens when an acorn grows up. It’s a great way for kids to learn how trees grow, the parts of a tree, and the relationship between trees and animals.

A lion, tiger, and dog compete to see who can balance the most apples on their heads. Ten Apples Up on Top is a fun and engaging way to introduce kids to counting from 1 to 10. Dr. Seuss uses basic words to encourage reading in children aged 3 to 7.