The Toddler Snack Container for Airplane

The Toddler Snack Container for Airplane

What is the best toddler snack container for airplane travel?

Traveling parents everywhere agree it’s the GoBe Kids snack spinner, and I second them. Everything from its colors, spinning magic, and the cute button has kids mesmerized. As a parent, the multiple sizable spill-proof compartments won me over.

Best Travel Snack Containers for Toddlers

GoBe Kids Snack Spinner travel snack container for kids

1. GoBe Kids Snack Spinner

DurableThe lid can pop off if the container drops
Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)The button is not completely removable 
Fun to use for kids

Traveling with toddlers has been fun with the GoBe snack spinner because kids can see what’s in each compartment without opening the lid. They choose which snack to eat, press the button, and spin the lid to where they want to open. The other compartments are tightly shut, so you don’t have to worry about spillage.

It’s also pretty compact and doesn’t take up much space. If you have two young kids, you can easily carry four of them, two for each kid, and that’s enough snacks for the entire flight.

Here’s a YouTube video of how to work the snack container.

2. Boon SNUG

Spill-proofNo handle. It may be difficult for younger kids to handle
No pinchingThe narrow stretches over time
Easy to clean and use
Cute colors for kids to choose from

As travel snack containers for toddlers go, the Boon SNUG is a fantastic option. It’s a 2-cup plastic package with silicone covers that tightly seal the contents. The cover has a narrow slot where your child will slide in her tiny fingers and grab some snacks.

I chose this as the second-best toddler snack container for airplanes because it does not spill solid snacks even when it’s upside down. That will eventually change when the slit starts stretching, but it shouldn’t be soon if it’s only used for travel. Instead of handles, they chose a carry loop, which works but not as well as handles.

Bento Snack Boxes travel container for aiplane

3. Bento Snack Boxes 

AffordableThe lid can off if dropped
Deep and spacious compartments for larger portionsNon spill-proof
Sturdy and durable
Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)

You can find cute bento boxes anywhere from Pottery Barn to Target or Amazon. They come in different sizes, and you can choose between plastic, silicone and stainless steel. I like that they have spacious compartments that pack a good portion of snacks for each kid. It’s a good option for packing sandwiches, fruit pouches and other homemade snacks.

Fruit and vegetable pieces also keep well in a bento snack box. I do recommend holding the snack container for the toddler in case they have a nice idea to flip it over and dump everything on the floor.

SELEWARE Portable Stackable Food Storage Containers

4. SELEWARE Portable Stackable Food Storage Containers

Airtight and leak-proof to avoid spillageOccupy too much
Removable handle for easy carrying
Dishwasher safe
Durable and colorful

These stackable snack containers for travel are quite TSA-friendly and make checking in a breeze. Since they are clear and each snack is visible, you don’t have to unpack several containers for check-in. I also loved how easy it is to unlock one from the stack and hand it to the toddler while the others stay sealed and safe.

My favorite thing, however, is that every snack is in its own container, which means they can’t affect each other. No more soggy crackers because of fruit.

5. SGHUO 2 Pack 15 Girds Clear Tackle Box

5. SGHUO 2 Pack 15 Girds Clear Tackle Box

Clear plastic so you can easily distinguish the snacks without opening the lidNot spill-proof
Removable dividers to create more space where neededWet snacks affect dry snacks
Durable and value for money
Easy to clean

The best thing about tackle boxes is having as many as 15 different snacks in one container. A toddler’s face lights up when you hand them one of these. You can put an assortment of solid snacks like grapes, Oreos, berries, and chips. You can remove a few dividers to create space for longer snacks like carrot/celery strips or peanut butter and fruit pouches.

A great alternative to this tackle box is a similar-looking pill box. We have one that has lockable lids on every slot, so snacks can’t spill out or mix.

Skip Hop Baby Snack Container

6. Skip Hop Baby Snack Container

Small, easy-grip handleDoes not hold many snacks
It comes with lids
Snap off lid for easy cleaning
Snap off the lid for easy cleaning
Exciting animal heads and colors

For the kids, it’s the animal shapes and colors that make this snack container a favorite. I chose it because it has two lids- a flexible flap that keeps the contents inside even when it tops over and a top lid to keep snacks fresh. The lids also stay attached, so you won’t have to lose them when you are constantly on the go.

Why You Need Travel Snack Containers for Toddlers

My advice here is to keep snacks in their original packaging. You will have fewer issues during check-in that way. Toddler snack containers for airplanes, however, come in handy for;

1. Snack distribution

Handing the child a bag of chips will only end up in a mess that will ruin your flight and other people’s. Instead, distribute a portion of each snack in the travel container and keep the rest sealed in a zip-lock bag.

2. Autonomy

It’s going to be too much work to hold the snacks for your toddler and ensure they don’t spill, especially if you have more than one kid. Toddlers also like to feel independent, and snack containers help with this. I like the spill-proof options for toddlers because I don’t have to worry about spills or messes.

3. It’s exciting for kids

Last but not least, toddler snack containers come in vibrant and fun designs and colors that are exciting for kids. It’s also like giving them a treasure trove of snacks to enjoy, and they love it. The GoBe kids snack spinner specifically is a hit with toddlers because they get to play when eating.

So maybe you will not pack all the snacks in these containers from home but take a few empty ones. They are a life-saver on the plane or even during car travel.

What is the best snack box for toddlers for airplanes?

Bento snack boxes are the best option if you want to take homemade snacks for toddlers during travel. For store-bought snacks, however, or tiny fruits, you can try the clear tackle box that comes with 15 or more removable slots for snacks. Lockable pill boxes are also pretty awesome for toddler snacks because the contents stay locked in.

How do I pack food pouches for toddlers in airplanes?

TSA checks food pouches more closely than other snacks, especially refillable ones. Pack them separately in a clear container or zip lock bag for easy access and x-ray.