Triangle Crayon: Pros, Cons, and Everything in Between

Crayons are a must-have in a household with kids. In fact, kids use crayons more than pencils when they’re scribbling, drawing, or coloring their favorite pictures. So, it’s only right that we discuss the best type of crayon invention for kids of all ages. Yep! I’m talking about triangular crayons. Do you think these crayons are the best?

You should introduce your kids to triangular crayons because they’re comfortable, easy to use, durable, and available in various colors. What’s more, the crayon’s ergonomic design improves your child’s grip and helps them learn to write, draw, and color much faster.


What are Triangle Crayons?

As the name suggests, the crayons have a unique triangular shape, different from the traditional round shape. Triangle crayons come in various colors, textures, and sizes. They are perfect for kids of all ages and have been a part of my girl’s development from an early age.

With that said, let’s explore the main pros and cons of using triangle crayons over standard crayons.

Pros of Triangle Crayons

Pros of Triangle Crayons

Using triangle crayons has plenty of benefits, especially when your kids are learning to color, draw, and write. Below are the most significant benefits;

1. They Feature a Practical Design

Learning to hold a crayon or pencil is challenging for young kids. They need something practical and easy to use, so they’re encouraged to keep coloring. The triangular crayons are perfect because the shape enhances grip and muscle control, making it easier for kids to control their hand movements. Furthermore, according to Child Mind Institute, triangular crayons will cue the tripod faster than traditional crayons.

2. They’re Comfortable

If you have read our article on why children use big pencils and crayons in preschool, you know triangle crayons offer the same results. The crayons offer a better grip, and the fun and unique shape prevents discomfort and fatigue due to prolonged use. Your kids can switch from coloring Peppa Pig to SpongeBob SquarePants and Barbie without experiencing pain in the wrist area and fingers.

Did I mention zero rolling? Yes! Triangle crayons don’t roll off the table because of their wide shape. You won’t have to worry about replacing broken crayons every few days, and your child will enjoy their crayons for an extended period. But above all, triangular crayons help prevent unnecessary messes and accidents around the house or in class.

3. More Color and Texture Variety

Kids love to experiment with colors, and what better way to perfect their creativity than with a wide range of colors? Triangle crayons are perfect because the manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors and textures, which makes coloring fun.

The crayons have a broad surface area, and the clean edges are perfect for creating lines, shading, and highlighting drawings. Moreover, the packages have various vibrant colors that will be useful when coloring their favorite cartoon characters or completing a school assignment. In fact, if you’ve noticed that your child loves to draw and color, triangle crayons would make a great birthday present.

4. Triangle Crayons are Non-Toxic

Although not all, most triangular crayons are non-toxic and completely safe for kids. After all, the design, texture, and color variety were created with young children in mind. With adequate research, you will find many triangular crayons made with child-safe materials. Plus, you can choose between washable and non-washable triangle crayons, depending on your preference.

Kids can put these crayons in their mouths, rub them on their hands, and use them for hours without fear of allergic reactions. But remember, it is always wise to buy your crayons from a trusted brand and check the ingredients for child-friendly materials. Read this article to understand further the type of crayon you should buy for your child and why.

5. They’re Durable

Lastly, I recommend triangular crayons because they’re durable and will save you money. Generally, these crayons are made with high-quality materials that prolong use. And remember, the anti-roll feature enhances durability because the crayons don’t break easily. Gone are the days of buying crayons or using broken crayons every few days.

Cons of Triangle Crayons

Cons of Triangle Crayons

While triangle crayons are popular for home and school coloring activities, they have a few downsides that you must look out for. Below are the three cons of using triangular crayons.

1. They are Expensive

Triangle crayons are made with high-quality materials so you will spend more on these compared to traditional crayons. The crayons have a comfortable and child-friendly design, making them popular. What’s more, crayons are always in-demand, resulting in a higher price point.

2. Minimal Availability

Finding good-quality triangular crayons is more complex than purchasing regular crayons. These crayons are rarely in stock and are only available in specific stores and online platforms. So, if you want to use triangle crayons consistently, you should order from Amazon or your preferred online store months in advance.

3. They’re Messy

If you’re a clean freak, we recommend purchasing washable triangle crayons because their wide design causes a lot of mess. The lines are thicker and messier when kids use triangle crayons to draw on your couch or the wall.

Moreover, most triangle crayons smudge easily, turning a clean room into a mess. Also, smudging might cause frustration for kids keen to produce clean images. However, brands like Emraw and Melissa & Doug make washable and less-smudgy triangle crayons.

Things to Consider When Buying Crayons

  • Do you prefer washable or non-washable crayons?
  • The best crayons for kids are made with child-safe, non-toxic materials, like organic beeswax, soy flakes, or both. While at it, consider the brand’s reputation and research its track record in quality manufacturing. You can also check out customer reviews for honest opinions.
  • Get age-appropriate crayons so your kids enjoy the experience. Older kids require crayons that enable skill improvement, but the young ones require wider crayons that will facilitate hand-eye coordination and grip control.
  • Apart from safety, check out quality to ensure the crayons last longer and produce the best texture, color variety, size, and more results.
  • Packaging is important because some retailers will sell crayons in reusable packaging, a lifesaver for parents. If you can, spend more on quality packaging so you don’t have to worry about missing crayons.
  • Lastly, consider the cost and buy crayons within your budget. Luckily, there are high-quality crayons that cater to all price points. Be sure to return to our article on types of crayons to buy for your child for a detailed guide.

Overall, triangle crayons are an excellent investment for your kids. Kids improve their grip and advance from the palmar supinate to the static tripod and dynamic tripod grasp at a young age. Older kids will have fun with triangle pencils because of the color variety and textures that enhance the artwork.

Hopefully, this article helps you find the best triangle crayon. We also recommend reading our article on plastic crayons and kids’ safety for more insight on crayons.

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