Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Draw

Nurturing talent is vital, especially when the kids are younger. So, if your kid loves drawing, the perfect gift for them should align with this talent and their love for drawing. But where should you start? Do kids only love pencils, crayons, and plain art books? Or are there more gift options?

You can get a kid who loves to draw sketch pencils, erasers, colors, an art bin, sketchbooks, drawing pads, and illustration markers. The list is endless when it comes to drawing items for kids. However, always ensure they’re kid-friendly and non-toxic.

My last born loves to draw, meaning I spend hours in bookstores and art shops, looking for the best drawing essentials. Sometimes, it becomes hectic because she’s very particular, but I do my best. In fact, I have become a pro shopper in this field. So, I’ll use my knowledge to compile a list of 11 of the best gift ideas for a kid who loves drawing.

Let’s get started!

1. Drawing Lessons at an Art School

Drawing lessons are the perfect gift idea, especially if your kid is showing interest for the first time. According to an article on Huggies, kids start scribbling around 12-18 months. However, it’s only until age 3 or 4 (after they learn the pencil grip) that you’ll notice their love for drawing.

So, why not take advantage of this early discovery and enroll them in an art school? They’ll improve their fine motor skills, attention to detail, and creativity here. Furthermore, art schools aid in cognitive development, which is important for kids.

Moreover, you can opt for online subscription-based sites that focus on drawing. The subscription site is brilliant if the kid can’t juggle between regular and art school, or distance may be an issue. Remember, online classes are better for older kids because the young ones will need adult supervision.

2. Sketch Books

Every artist needs a sketchbook. Here’s where they record their unfiltered drawing ideas and visualize their complete projects. Most times, I’ll see my daughter deep at work sketching lines that only make sense to her, and in no time, these lines turn into a beautiful drawing. She goes everywhere with her sketchbook.

If you want to make the kid’s day, I recommend a sketchbook collection personalized to their personality. For example, if your child, nephew, or niece loves spider man, consider getting several spider man-inspired sketchbooks. In fact, you should throw in a few sketch pencils as well. They’ll love it!

3. Tutorial Books

There’s always room to grow, whether the kid is a beginner or a pro. Tutorial books are an excellent gift idea because they focus on artistic development. The kid will learn new drawing techniques and ideas while figuring out ways to simplify the process.

What’s more, these tutorial books will encourage the child to keep practicing. Ensure you get age-appropriate tutorial books that are easy to understand.

4. Cool Sharpeners and Erasers

Sharpeners and erasers are crucial for drawing. They’re always rubbing off lines and sharpening pencils every two minutes. Therefore, get a set of cool erasers and sharpeners to match her style. In fact, you can design a personalized bag for her erasers and sharpeners so she’s more organized.

This gift idea is simple, but the personal touch makes it special. Also, you can pair this gift with the sketchbooks or art bin.

5. Pencils, Crayons, and Markers

Pencils, markers, and assorted crayons are great gifts for kids who love to draw. They use multiple pencils and crayons at once and sometimes lose them. So, take advantage of these factors and buy the kid a bunch of cool pencils, crayons, and markers.

The best quality pencils for drawing are HB, 2B, 6B, and 9B pencils. For crayons, find assorted non-toxic crayons. Usually, the most popular crayons are wax, jumbo, Crayola, and washable crayons, but you can choose from a wide selection of crayons for kids.

Markers are also essential for drawing. Select the coolest illustration markers with assorted colors, water resistance, and smudge-free. If your child is a preschoolers and lower, consider getting them the big crayons to help develop their fine motor skills.

6. Full Sketching Set

Instead of separate pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and other drawing essentials get the kid a full sketching set that combines all these essentials. A full sketching set comprises a wide selection of pencils (graphite and charcoal), erasers, and other drawing accessories.

You’ll provide the child with enough equipment that will last him a long time and save money. Manufacturers sell these sets for different drawing levels, so ensure the set is age-appropriate. 

7. Tracing Pad

Tech advancements are taking over in different fields. So why not upgrade your kid’s drawing kit with a digital tracing pad? The tracing pad is a transparent electronic device that allows the child to trace images.

Moreover, the pad is easy to use. It lights up and projects images from the original paper onto the tracing paper. It’s a really cool gift, especially if your baby is a beginner.

8. Custom-Made Doodle Books

Doodle books are great for sparking a kid’s creativity. The books feature imaginative ideas that prompt your kid to think outside the box. For example, they can practice drawing animals, cars, or their favorite superheroes.

There’s a wide selection of doodle books at your local bookstore or on Amazon and other platforms. In fact, why not make the gift more special and customize the cover or first page? You can include their name or a recent picture to make it personal.

9. Art Bin Filled with Supplies

Typically, art bins are for organizing and storing all the drawing supplies. I got one for most rooms in my house because drawing supplies are always scattered everywhere. They make work easier and protect my girl’s supplies, so I don’t have to visit an art supplies shop every week.

You should get a fancy art bin in their favorite color for the gift. In addition, add a bunch of cool drawing supplies, like sketch pencils, erasers, bags, tracing pads and papers, and crayons. You will definitely receive a big hug when they open the bin.

10 Workbooks and Activity Books

Workbooks and activity books are a must-have for every kid. However, kids who love to draw cherish these books because they offer a ton of drawing ideas. In addition, these books help them adapt to school assignments and improve concentration, which is a plus for us parents.

Pick a wide selection of books that feature more drawings than letters so they can trace and redraw them. The tracing pad will come in handy for these workbooks.

11. High-Quality Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are primarily for painting but also work well for drawings. These pastels are more pigmented, and that will add color to their drawings. So, find high-quality oil pastels and surprise your child, nephew, or niece. They’ll enjoy using these to blend and add texture to their drawings.

There you have it! These gift ideas are spot-on for kids who love to draw. If the kids are younger, gift them a good set of sensory books to improve their creativity and motor skills. Soon enough, they’ll be phenomenal drawing geniuses. I hope you’ll find the perfect gift.

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