A kid standing next to a leafy bush

How to Make a Bracelet Out of Leaves

I discovered leaf activities earlier in my parenting journey, thanks to the hikes and park walks. But my kids’ favorite leaf activity was always making bracelets. They enjoyed picking different colored leaves and turning them into unique leaf bracelets. So, it’s only right that I show you how to make leaf bracelets so you can turn them into a fun activity for your kids.

It’s simple; you’ll need leaves, duct tape, and a string to make the perfect leaf bracelet. First, tie the tape around your wrist, and stick the leaves onto the tape. Alternatively, you can poke holes in the leaves and insert them into the string before tying it around your wrist.

Generally, there’s a wide selection of ideas to choose from, and I’ll explain every step, so it’s easier for your little ones. After all, this leaf activity will come in handy on your next outdoor activity. In fact, this article on motivating kids during a hike explains how I use leaves and nature to make hiking fun for my daughters.

3 Leaf Bracelet Ideas: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Once you have all the requirements, the next steps are easy. Generally, I’ll highlight three different methods kids can use to design the perfect leaf bracelet.

1. The Duct Tape Bracelet

This bracelet is purely made of tape and leaves. It’s very straightforward, so your kids shouldn’t have a tough time.

What You’ll Need

  • Variety of leaves
  • Duct tape
  • Zip-lock, basket, or container


  1. Collect the leaves in a container, basket, or zip-lock bag.
  1. Tie the duct tape around your baby’s with the sticky side facing outwards.
  1. Stick leaves onto the duct tape around the wrist. Usually, you can use leaves from one species, color, or size, but there’s no harm in diversifying your designs. In fact, this is a cool way to stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity.

Designing a duct tape bracelet is that simple. Moreover, once the kids finish playing, you can cut it out and stick it on a scrapbook or wall art. Alternatively, you can take pictures for better memories.

2. A Star Leaf Bracelet

The star leaf bracelet is more technical than the duct tape bracelet, but it’s just as beautiful, and the design process is fun. As the name states, the kids will cut out the leaves like a star.

What You’ll Need

  • A bowl of dried or semi-dry leaves
  • Scissors, a razor, or star hole punch
  • A candle
  • Plastic bracelet clips
  • A pin
  • A strong string, fishing line, or relevant alternative
  • High-quality craft glue


  1. Lay the leaves on a flat surface and use your star punch, razor, or scissors to cut out star-shaped pieces.
  1. Cover the star-shaped leaves with craft glue to make them stronger. Usually, my daughters and I add a layer or two of glue to ensure the leaves don’t tear. Remember, the glue must dry before you move to the next step.
  1. Light the candle and use a pin to pierce holes in every leaf. The pin should be red hot to ensure you pierce a perfect hole for a better look. Also, every star leaf should have two holes (this will make sense in the next steps). For this step, you’ll need to take charge to avoid fire emergencies and remember to turn off the candle after you finish.
  1. Take your string or fishing line and attach the bracelet clips on either end. The clips should be as tight as possible. Also, measure your kid’s wrist before cutting the string or fishing line so the bracelet fits.
  1. Your child will insert the star leaves onto the string or fishing line. They’ll insert through one of the two holes and out the other. Basically, it’ll look like they’re stitching.
  1. That’s it. Now tie the bracelet around your child’s wrist and record their excitement.

3. Simple String Leaf Bracelet

This bracelet is similar to the duct tape bracelet, meaning it’s simple and easy to make. I have made a couple of string bracelets in my time, so I know how quickly your kids can complete the string leaf bracelet.

What You’ll Need

  • Leaves
  • A String
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • A pin
  • Bracelet clips (optional)


  1. Pick out the best leave options. These leaves can be fresh, dry, or semi-dry, depending on how long you want them to last.
  1. If you want a long-lasting bracelet, here’s where you paint a coat or two of craft glue on either side of each leaf.
  2. As the craft glue dries up, prepare the string.
  1. Cut the string to match your child’s wrist length. Also, make the string stronger by adding a layer.
  1. Once the leaves dry out, use the pin to poke two holes or more, depending on the number of string layers.
  1. Next, insert the leaves into the string one-by-one, for the best string bracelet. Using a candle to heat the pin before poking the holes allows you to maintain consistent circles.
  1. Tie a knot on either side and add the bracelet clips. Alternatively, you can tie the knot without adding the clips.
  1. Lastly, tie the bracelet around your baby’s wrist.

These leaf bracelet ideas are the most common in my household, but my kids enjoy making the star leaf bracelet because they’re older. However, if you have toddlers and younger kids, methods one and three are the easiest.

Here’s a list of more leaf idea you can try with your kids.

What’s more, they can complete the bracelets on a regular walk or hike without being overwhelmed. You should also know that introducing this leaf activity will stimulate your child’s sensory development, improve their creativity, and build their confidence.

Plus, there’s a long list of alternative leaf activities for toddlers, including leaf hunting, wall art design, playing with a sensory bin, and visual or identification games. The best part is you will encounter leaves in all your outdoor activities, and you don’t have to search extensively.

Leaves offer a wide range of options for kid activities. However, if you want additional options, read my article on why hiking with kids is also a beneficial outdoor activity. You’ll be surprised at how much the kids love exploring nature.