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How To Take Your Kids To The Beach Without Fussing

Going to the beach is fun and relaxing until you have kids! Planning, packing, and getting everyone to the beach on time is about as easy as wrangling a herd of cats. And it is certainly no fun when you end up with teary, pouty children who seem unhappy and unwilling to go to this fun day you planned. Surely, there must be a better way to get your kids to the beach without fussing.

Preparation is the key to making it easier for your kids to go to the beach. Tell them in advance where and when they are going and what to expect at the beach. Then, let them help you pack everything they may need (or want), so they can get ready and excited for a fun day out.

But, there is more to preparation than this, especially when your kids tend to fuss. So, what else can you do to make sure your beach day isn’t ruined b fussing?

Get The Kids Excited

One beautiful attribute about kids is that you can get them excited about anything. So the best way to get your kids excited about going to the beach is by getting yourself excited. You may feel stressed out about the weather, sunscreen, and how many snacks to pack, but we will talk about that later. Right now, you must set the tone. Get excited, share your excitement, and watch your kids instantly look forward to the beach.

Show them pictures of the beach and other kids having fun there to help them visualize it in their minds. Then, mark the date on the calendar, start a countdown, and try to answer as many of their questions as possible. These will add to their anticipation of everything they will get to see and do at the beach.

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Get The Kids Packed

Once you have convinced them that the beach is the most wonderful place in the world (which it is!), get them involved in packing. First, talk about the beach and what to expect, then help them choose a few items they would like to bring along. If it is their first time going to the beach, they may choose a few unnecessary toys, but let them have a few anyway. After all, most of those things will just stay in the car.

You can also have them choose their favorite snack and drink to bring along. They can also pick out their outfit or swimsuit, or better yet, you can buy them a new one in anticipation of their trip to the beach. Once you have everything packed, have the kids place their bags in a central place, ready to go. This way, they will be happy and excited about beach day.

Not sure what essentials you need to bring to the beach? This list got your covered

Get The Kids Fed And Well Rested

Anyone with children knows they are most fussy when hungry and/or tired. So you want to avoid going to the beach just before their meal times or naps. For instance, if you want to take them to the beach in the morning, make sure they get to bed at a decent hour the night before. Then, when they wake up, ensure they have a good breakfast before leaving the house.

All these ensure that they are agreeable and in a pleasant mood, which is a good baseline to get them excited about the beach. Additionally, ensure that you are all back at home before naptime to avoid meltdowns at the beach due to exhaustion.

Invite Their Favorite People

Knowing their favorite person will meet them at the beach will help your kid feel excited and head out without fuss. So, whenever possible, plan your beach trip with a group of friends or relatives that your kids love. That way, the kids will be happy to see them, and you can have a few extra hands and eyes to help you care for them. And who knows, you may even get a few moments of relaxation while another person watches over your kids.

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Get Yourself Prepared

Remember we talked about feeling stressed with all the planning and packing? That can affect your attitude in the days leading up to beach day. Parents tend to feel especially stressed on that specific day because of the inevitable last-minute rush.

At least that’s how it was with me. If you are stressed and cranky, you can change the whole mood and end up with fussy children who are no longer excited about the beach.  prepare in advance and consider the following:

Check The Weather

To pack accordingly, you must know what to expect concerning the weather. Avoid going to the beach on potentially rainy and hot days. The rain will ruin your fun in the sun, but too much sun can cause dehydration, exhaustion, and sunburn, also ruining the fun. So choose a slightly overcast day when the temperatures are not too high, and the cloud cover will give some relief from the sun.

Stock Up On Sunscreen

You never want to run out of sunscreen at the beach, so ensure you have more than enough for yourself and the kids. Apply a generous amount of at least SPF 15 sunscreen on exposed skin twice before exposure to the sun, and then reapply as often as necessary. Take additional measures to protect their skin by keeping them as covered up as possible. Light fabrics with a lot of coverage, like beach cover-ups, t-shirts, and long shorts, will offer extra protection from the sun.

Also, remember to carry hats for everyone and try to have them keep their hats on at all times. Get some cool shades with UVA and UVB filters to protect your kids’ eyes from sun damage. Set up an umbrella where your kids can play in the sand and rest for a while as they eat or rehydrate.

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Prepare For Rehydration

Kids tend to forget to hydrate adequately, especially when having fun at the beach. So to prepare for your day at the beach, ensure your kids hydrate well the day before. Give them plenty of plain or flavored water to prepare their bodies for the next day in the sun.

Bring plenty of cool water and drinks to the beach, and be vigilant to remind them to drink as often as possible. As an added incentive, mix some fruit juice with their water to make them want to drink more. Try to get them to drink something every 15 to 20 minutes as you reapply their sunscreen. Also, carry water-based snacks like cucumber, celery, and watermelon to help with rehydration.

Getting your kids to the beach without fussing has more to do with you than them. Making the necessary preparations in advance ensures that you are ready and excited for your day out with your kids. If you aren’t sure on what activities will help keep them busy and entertained at the beach, here’s a great article on how to keep toddlers entertained at the beach to get you started.